Rahim (rahimrahim) wrote,

Charlottesville, VA

“Your equipment can just chill there,” said the kindly man at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. “I usually help set up the PA, but I got in a surfing accident and I have stitches in my leg.” He showed me the injury and limped off to make some tea or pack a hookah.

Before going to Charlottesville, we stuffed ourselves with giant beers and burritos at Cowboy Cafe, the bar and restaurant Chris' brother-in-law owns in Arlington. It was a hazy ride down.



Though ill-attended, Monday night at the Tea Bazaar proved friendly and mellow. Christian smoked a hookah. Tea was dispensed liberally. A magical tree greeted visitors at the door. And the home-educated brothers of openers Arctic Rose were kind of enough to let us stay in the condemned bottom floor of their apartment. We stayed up drinking beers together and hanging out until things got weird.




This gentleman slept next to me in Charlottesville. I accidentally took his leg and kept it by my sleeping bag. I'll bet he was relieved when I gave it back to him!

Greenville, NC: Christian’s Birthday!


A good man named Jeff has been dedicated for the past few years to booking DIY shows in Greenville. First he booked at a place called the Spazzatorium, then at a place called 21 Eleven. But since both, like many DIY venues, have closed for typical reasons – licensing problems, inability to make money on a donation basis – Jeff has mostly been having shows at his house lately, the Spazz Haus. This was a fitting location for Christian’s birthday party.


We arrived early and hung out on the rainy porch of a moldy house with some of the local characters around the corner. The man pictured below is Kenny, a gifted storyteller who immortalized for us a middle-aged gentleman in their community named Rick Star. Unfortunately, because of Rick’s knife-wielding antics, he is currently banned and we will probably never meet him. Nevertheless, we are glad to have met Kenny.




After many rounds of NFL Blitz on Playstation, and a great set by local songwriter Nolan Smock (featuring a really beautiful cover of Jackson Browne’s “These Days”), we played a sweaty set and drank beers with our strange crew of new friends until the desperate hours.



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