Rahim (rahimrahim) wrote,

Random pictures.

After the Aloha tour, we got really lazy with updating this journal. I have a bunch of pictures from the Beauty Pill/Judah Johnson tour and the Bound Stems tour for your enjoyment. So, uh, enjoy.

This is Chris and his father, John. We've stayed at John's house twice now, and each time we get very, very drunk and have a great time. We love you John and Janet.

This is a picture of John and Janet. It's small because I'm not used to Photobucket yet.

This is a picture of Janet and Bill Clinton. It was taken sometime in the 70's, I believe. Janet is originally from Arkansas, and she will give you the devil eye if you say anything bad about said southern state. Note that the picture is autographed by Bill Clinton. Also, this picture is in the basement bathroom. I found that funny.

John has a pool table. Mike dabbles.

Our friend Basla of the Beauty Pill works at Dischord. She gave us a tour of the office and the Dischord house, and took this picture of us standing on the porch where the cover of the Minor Threat record was photographed. Stoked!

Yes, that IS the skateboard. Mike is making a funny face. Even though there are two other pictures of him with semi-normal, yet still sort of stupid faces, I chose this one. This is what happens when Mike doesn't update the journal and Phil does. That, and you get less complicated and shorter sentences.

This is a picture of Thunderbirds Are Now!, The Plastic Constellations and Rahim. We all played a great show in Baltimore together in October. There is also another dude in the picture that isn't in either of those three aforementioned bands. I wanted the picture to be special, ya know? Three FKr bands and shit. But motherfucker wouldn't listen and he's in the picture. I guess he wins.


This is what it looks like outside of Mike's dad's house. His name is Bob, and he lets us sleep at his house too! We love you Bob and Trish. Oh...Trish is Mike's stepmom and I've never seen her not smile. I mean, she's almost too happy! Gosh!
Bob and Trish have this cat with a huge head, though Bob denies that it's huge and says the cat is cute. Bob is a goddamn liar. They also have a dog named Oliver that will bite you.

Our first flat tire on Route 80 in Ohio. Saftey Turtle loves safety.

Chris helped me a lot. "Uhhhhhh."

The DAAC is a great venue in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jeff Vandenburg is putting out our vinyl soon.

This is Jeff. Jeff has a crazy shaved kitty that loves sitting next to the heater. Kitty is always cold. Jeff also has these crazy oil-drippy-lamp things. I want one.

Neat, right?

We played at this place called the People's Project in Chicago with our friends Maps & Atlases and Grinner. The front room had some great paintings of convicted sex offenders that live in the Chicago area.

Sometimes when you play shows, you get to drink a lot of free beer. But most times, you only get a couple of drink tickets.

This is Chris in Lawrence, Kansas. He was reluctant to stand there and have this picture taken because it was cold outside and there was ice everywhere. But he's a good boy.

I (Phil) slept in this attic in Lawrence, Kansas. I woke up to a wet pillow because the roof was leaking. It was cold.

Oklahoma City.

This is Janie from Bound Stems playing Guitar Hero in OKC. She wouldn't make a normal face. She still rules, though.


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