Rahim (rahimrahim) wrote,

Pontiac, MI

We spent our day off eating at Coney Island diners in the Detroit area with our old friends Javelins and Thunderbirds Are Now! In the evening we ate with the Allens and recorded a song with Scott and Brad (Thunderdad). Release of said song pending.



Uh-oh! Scotty spilled!


We spent Wednesday watching Some Kind of Monster with Ryan Allen at his house. We played with Thunderbirds Are Now!, Born Ruffians, and Plants & Animals. Sometimes at a rock venue bands are given no food before they play and thus resort to eating mediocre to abysmal pizza; other times a rock venue provides a catered banquet of delicious greens and meats and fishes. Hats off to Crofoot of Pontiac, MI, for being an example of the latter.


And hats off to our friends in TAN! and their families for taking care of us while we're in Michigan. And hats off to Toby Lerone for being the kindest beady-eyed deer-dog who ever shared a bed with Michael.


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