Rahim (rahimrahim) wrote,

Days 10, 11 & 12

Carrboro, NC

This was our last show with Win Win Winter. We had boy time together, ate at Carrburrito (a pretty good Mexican place in Carrboro), and hung out with Eddie from Fin Fang Foom, who hosted us at his home and studio (ideally located in downtown Chapel Hill next to a shady massage parlor, rumored to provide assisted showers).




Josh from Win Win Winter smashed his head on his Rhodes a few weeks back. In Carrboro we watched the removal of his head staples. Unsurprisingly, this made Michael queasy.



Charlotte, NC

Rahim has played the Milestone in Charlotte a few times. This is the dirtiest and oldest club ever and lays claim to impressive punk rock history, none of which I can remember right now. The first time Rahim entered the Milestone, the proprietors had a gun on the bar. This time, we found a bullet in the parking lot. It's not situated in the best neighborhood.



Our friend Blake takes care of us every time we come to Charlotte.


Baltimore, MD

Saw J. Robbins and played with Deleted Scenes, an excellent band from DC and NY. Rainy night. Overnight drive back to NY for a weekend off so Chris can attend a wedding.

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