Rahim (rahimrahim) wrote,

In 2006 Rahim played several Florida shows with a good band called Dear + Glorious Physician comprised entirely of siblings from a Gainesville family – the Westfals. They’ve since broken up, but we’ve seen them a few times over the years.

This time around we played with Aleutian Low, the band of the youngest Westfal brother, and crashed with Robin, the old bassist of D + GP. Robin has a couple of beautiful, excitable dogs - Beau and Red - and we spent bunch of time playing with them, as Rahim are wont to do.


Excellent tufts!

Showing Beau and Robin "V for Victory." Who wouldn't be amused?


Red endlessly baits Beau, a Pitbull mix who could obviously slaughter Red. It's pretty big of Beau to play so gently.


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