Rahim (rahimrahim) wrote,

Day 5: Ybor City, FL

Lizards everywhere. It’s been two and a half years since we’ve played Ybor. It’s still here. It’s still fun. Centro Ybor is still trashy on a Thursday night, with its lurking drug thugs, frat contingent, and fishnet-suited flyer girls.

We played a decent show, ate and drank deep on New World Brewery pizza and draught, and had the pleasure of meeting Matt Zwiebel.



Don’t let anybody tell you that all the characters in the world live in the city. In fact, I would claim the opposite. Take Kenny from Greenville, NC, or Matt Zwiebel from Tampa. We stayed with Matt and he never stopped talking for a moment. We hung out with his friends, his girlfriend Orel, and his cat, Sally. Sally performed her best trick “V for Victory” several times at Matt and Orel’s insistence and yowled loudly. We watched footage of Billy Joel on Old Grey Whistle from the early 70s on Matt's projection screen, narrated continuously by Matt (a fellow Long Island native). Orel fed us delicious beans and chicken late at night.

"V for Victory"



We thought perhaps Matt’s relentless enthusiasm would abate with morning sobriety. This was not the case. The Matt Zwiebel show continued. We had brunch. We fixed a flat in Matt’s driveway (proving remarkably handier than we had thought we were). Then we said our goodbyes and spent some time in the tire store in Tampa before we drove on to Gainesville.




However Ybor turns out, it remains a strange haven on tour.

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