Rahim (rahimrahim) wrote,

Day 4: Athens, GA

In the van we listened to “Cowgirl in the Sand” from Neil Young’s Everybody Knows This is Nowhere record.

In Athens, our friend Kimberly had us over for a pre-show viewing of Project Runway. Many Athenians joined us, including Kimberly’s roommates, Spring Tigers, with whom we played at Go Bar.


We ate Peruvian in Athens. Exotic? Yes. Not bad, but perhaps we should have hunted down some pit BBQ.


Go Bar was dark but for its disco ball. Iron Hero played. We saw our old friend Coley, who is recently married and happy-seeming. We went back home with Kimberly and Eli from Spring Tigers and played Wii and Texas Hold ‘Em into the wee hours. There are these nights.

Spring Tigers

Spent in Georgia

Christian spent some time today vomiting in the bathroom of a Georgia back road gas station. The sounds resonated throughout the store as Michael ladled through a vat of boiled peanuts (Cajun style). This is Christian’s second vomit of tour. He attributes it to the swill we’ve been drinking (and claims it leaves a Lemonade taste in his mouth). Michael didn’t buy any boiled peanuts.
The big thing about Georgia is peaches. Peaches and peanuts and prayer in Wendy’s dining room over your Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. These are the big things Rahim took away from Georgia this time around.

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